Matthew ayman Pottery new range from Mattew Bayman Pottery

Each piece is unique and no two will ever be the same. I create using colour and texture to reflect the piece in various lights and surroundings. The work that goes into each piece is a labour of love and I hope that this is visible in the finished product. You can buy the pieces you see or I can accept commissions to craft something specific. Do please call, email or stop by for further details.

Whether practical or simply decorative, these pots are both distinct and unique. Butter Dish
Fuelled by chestnut, my kiln fires these decrative pots that utilise clays and glazes that I mix myself. Cooks Bowl
Interesting designs are available for purchase here at the farm, or you can request bespoke items to be made for gifts. Dry Glazed Bpttle
Abstract shapes, traditional designs or your imagination are the source of each unique piece. Candle Holder
The colours, shades and tones are always a blend of the artist and the form, creating interesting pieces that reflect light and texture. Dry Glazed Onion Form
From the most useful of items to the most unusual, I consider the humblest mug as much a labour of love as any piece I create. Mugs
For display or everyday use, bowls and dishes in an array of shapes are always available. Porcelain Bowl
Complementary items are excellent for gift giving and can be designed by you to mark a special occasion. Wine Beaker
Influences from master potters who worked with English and Chinese potting traditions echo through much of my work. Ringed Bottle
Whatever is imagined, I can create. Storage Jars